Terms of service

Revision: 15.03.2023
1. We cannot guarantee the safety of data you have added, but we promise to do our best to keep your data safe.

2. Data privacy regulations are enclosed in Privacy Policy.

3. All of the components of the system are the property of the Outfit Makers LLC. To copy scripts, elements of interface and the rest, you need to have our written permission.

4. Please keep in mind that the app/site appearance and functions can change as we work at it.

5. The objects (items) you have created, as well as their pictures, will be used for this app/site's functioning at the Getwardrobe team discretion.

6. All of the information you have added can be used in impersonal form by the Getwardrobe app/site for self-learning and providing service to other users.

7. Impersonal statistical information on sizes, wardrobe elements, users' locations and preferences, can be used by the GetWardrobe team for the project's development, including passing it on further to third parties – clothes manufacturers and others.

8. You might be shown advertisements while using the app/site.

9. Recommendations on clothes combining are given to you by the Getwardrobe system automatically, while it is constantly learning. Therefore, the Getwardrobe team carries no responsibility for possible consequences, caused by incorrect or inaccurate combinations of clothes elements.

10. The Getwardrobe app/site is meant to make life better. Therefore, placing images of aggressive, pornographic, nationalistic character, as well as using abusive language on the site is prohibited.

11. The Getwardrobe team holds the right to block any user violating the present agreement's regulation.

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