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Creating an outfit

There are three ways of creating outfits: choosing the "Create an outfit" link in the context menu of any item, pressing the "Create an outfit" button in the carousel of combinations, or pressing the "Create an outfit" button in the "Outfits" field of your wardrobe.

Any items of your wardrobe and the catalog can be added to an outfit, as well as images from your computer or from the Internet.

Having chosen the "Create an outfit" command, you go to the item editing window. There is a field for placing images and wardrobe items on the left. There you can zoom in and zoom out on all of the outfit items with the help of buttons, you can change each item's size by dragging its limits.

To choose an image for editing, select it by clicking on a small icon on your right, or double click on the image on the canvas.

There are three tabs for working at an outfit on your right. The "In the outfit" tab shows all the items of the outfit. The "Add" tab allows you to add an item from the general catalog or your wardrobe, as well as to insert an image from the Internet or a file. By the way, you can add items from the wardrobe or the catalog by simply dragging them from the right part of the window to the window on the left, where the outfit is being formed. The "Description" tab contains the name and the description of the outfit, so if you wish to give a special name to the outfit, definitely visit it.

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