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Your digital wardrobe shelves

Shelves are tools for systematizing clothes in your virtual wardrobe. They are similar to closet shelves and compartments, except here each item can be present on several shelves if you find it more convenient. You can systematize items by seasons or make separate shelves for week days and week ends, you can even make separate shelves for each color.

Technically speaking, shelves are results of saved filters or searches. If you turn filters off or change search conditions, the shelve's contents will change accordingly. When there are items you want to save that have no common criteria (type, color, brand), you can always attribute a common tag to them, then sort items by that tag and save them in one shelve.

Please note that the item data base is a whole. If you delete an item from a shelve you had created, it will also be deleted from your wardrobe, and not only from the shelve.

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