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Tags are your own labels that you give to items in order to group them more easily. You will be able to filter your wardrobe or the general catalogue items by tags. You can make tabs in your wardrobe under which items with a particular tag only would be constantly shown.

You can invent any tags you like, one item can have several tags attributed to it. For instance, tags like "winter", "spring", "summer" and "autumn" will allow you to define quickly the items that it is time to put on a deeper shelf in the closet, as well as those that it is time to pull out from there. Tags like "office", "club", or "parent visit" will make suitable clothes for the occasion appear on the screen in a single click. Tags like "needs mending", "at a friend's", or "at the dry cleaner's" will remind you, which clothes are not accessible at the moment.

Tags, along with other criteria, will be taken into account when choosing combinations. When two items have one or two common tags, the site will know that they most probably combine better than others. Tags may contain any symbols, can consist of several words. Tags should be separated by comas one from another. One item can have 10 tags maximum attributed to it.

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