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Basic profile and settings information

Profile is a section containing user's personal information. It consists of five tabs.

The "Who I am" tab contains fields for entering basic user's information - name, surname, sex, date of birth, as well as inserting an avatar (your picture or an image). There are hints near every field, helping you with filling in the information.

The "Where I am" tab contains fields for entering information on the city you are living in. You can type the name of the city or press the "Define the location automatically" button. In the future, while browsing the general catalogue, this information will allow you to see the clothes that can be found in stores located near you in the first place.

The "My measurements" tab will store all of your measurements, from neck girth to weight. This information will help you to manage your wardrobe and see new item offers that fit you.

The "My preferences" tab contains information on your preferred tags and brands. If you save a tag like "office", for example, in this tab, clothes from the catalogue under this tag will be offered to you more often. Your preferred brands information will be used in the same way.

The "Settings" tab will allow yo to change the interface language, your postal address and your name on the site. You will also be able to change your password there if you wish to.

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