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How to create a wardrobe

In a virtual wardrobe you can have anything you, your child, a doll or even your dear pet can wear. From hats to boots, from accessories to any kind of shoes - all of these can become part of your virtual wardrobe.

There are several ways of adding items to your wardrobe on the GetWardrobe site. You can add items on your own or take them from the catalogue. In any case you will be able to add any information on the item you consider relevant.

To make the site help you in choosing combinations, when adding a new item to your wardrobe, mark which other items of your wardrobe it combines well with. You can also add information on item care and not worry about cutting off labels.

Having added an item to your virtual wardrobe you can easily put it out of your head - the information will always be at your disposal on the site.

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