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How to remove background from item photo

You can remove background from your items photos automatically or manually. How to make items' photos to remove background automatically? 1. Item on the photo shall appear on a on contrast homogeneous background. 2. When you crop the photo make sure that there are wide areas of background of each side of the items (this is needed to let background removing algorithm to identify background correctly). How to remove background automatically when uploading photos: 1. Add an item photo to the item; 2. Click on "Edit" (pencil icon under the photo); 3. Picture editor window will appear. Click "Remove background"; 4. Choose on of proposed samples of picture with removed background; What to do if background was not removed automatically: 5. Click on "Remove background manually" 6. Clicking on the photo, circle your item with click-labels. If you've made wrong label - just click on it again. When you've finished the circle, last click shall be right on first label. 7. If you are ok with the result click "Save" to save the results and also do not forget to click "Save" in picture editor when you've finished editing the photo. We are sure with this tool you will be able to get nice item photos without any regards to conditions those photos were made.

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