We gladly collaborate with clothes manufacturers and sellers of any caliber in all countries.

We propose you to add your items to the general site catalogue. Then, when users will be looking for the right combinations with their clothes, they will see what you can offer.

We also consider joint projects.

Contact information

We will be glad to receive your emails with your ideas, critical observations and advices!


About the project

The GetWardrobe site is meant to make your life easier in every aspect that has to do with clothes! What's in it?

To people

To be able to take care of your image more easily, to have more variety in your outfits, to dress more beautifully. We know how our looks can sometimes be crucial! To be able to find your clothes more easily, wherever they may be located physically.

Instead of long shopping hours - a possibility of finding the right item on the site. Tiresome and futile shopping, when we can't find clothes with the right cut and of the right size, is so common. Now you will be able to do that without going offline! And not just shop, but start shopping, already knowing what exactly and where you are planning to find.

Influence on fashion and the range of clothes in stores: you teach our site to detect, what items combine well together, and it memorizes this information. Entering your data, you create statistics, that future manufacturers will be able to be guided by.

All of the services that GetWardrobe offers to users are free of charge!

To clothes manufacturers

A possibility to produce clothes that suit and fit real living people who walk on the streets and not on catwalks.

A possibility for small clothes manufacturers, who can't always afford renting space in popular shopping malls, to make themselves known.

Adding items to the GetWardrobe general catalogue from store collections - is free of charge.

To the world

Our dream is that, thanks to the GetWardrobe website, life would become better and more pleasant, because there will be more nicely dressed people in beautiful and multifarious outfits.

People would be able to form their fashion concepts relying on something other than their neighborhood inhabitants' looks. This site will help fashion become global.